Fly Sheets

Our fly sheets are known for their durability and beautiful colors. Offered in our Kensington Plaids and our Natural Collection colors, we have the perfect look for your horse’s summertime protection. Available in a variety of fits, to fit any build : Traditional, European, and Surefit. The Kensington Protective Sheet is the only horse protective sheet on the market that can be worn all 12 months of the year. In the Summer months, the Protective Sheet will keep your horse cooler, provide protection from UV rays, and protect from biting insects. In the fall, the Sheet can be used as a rain sheet preventing most of the water from ever hitting the horse’s body. In Winter, the sheet can be used over you turnout to provide additional durability to your existing blanket. And in Fall the Protective Sheet should be used to help shed out your horse’s coat by naturally drawing the horse’s oils out and give the horse better coloring coming into summer.